How to Finish Your Investment Banking Job Cover Letter

Last time, we looked at the opening paragraphs and crucial experience section of your cover letter.

In the final paragraph of your cover letter, you should mention that you’ve enclosed your resume and provide your contact information. You might mention that you look forward to hearing from them soon, and thank them for taking the time to look over your resume. Others, however, suggest that you be more proactive and say that you are going to follow up in a few days with a phone call. Then, of course, there’s your signature, typed name, and the word “enclosure” to indicate your resume is attached.

You can find a number of sample investment banking cover letters to review at Babson College’s Center for Career Development.

A few final tips. Always keep your cover letter concise. Put it aside for a day or two and look at it again, fresh, to make sure one thought leads clearly into the next, and that you don’t jump around from idea to idea.

Always keep the interests of your prospective employer top of mind. Try to slant your letter towards what they want and need. What’s in it for them and what you can bring to their organization.

Generic cover letters let you respond to many opportunities and send out your resume quickly. But we have found that customizing your cover letter, at least a little bit, to fit the particular investment banking job you’re applying for, is more effective. When you think about it, it’s also proof that you really do consider this position special.

Again, an obvious but often overlooked point, double and triple-check your cover letter for typos. And make sure your cover letter is aesthetically pleasing and well formatted. The employer will be looking for signs of attention to detail, spelling, grammer and your overall professionalism in your presentation. That is, after all, a large part of what you’ll be doing as an investment banker.


Babson College, Center for Career Development

Stanford University Career Development Center

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