Sober Up, Be Nice, and For Cryin’ Out Loud Keep Your Pants On offers five humble suggestions to make sure your social media presence isn’t turning off potential employers, in the investment banking sector or elsewhere. At the top of the list is “Nudes (duh).” Author Leah Arnold-Smeets added the duh, but we would have if she hadn’t.

Next is “Rude or Inappropriate Comments.” Although politics and religion are a consideration, your sense of humor is probably more likely to be an issue with potential employers.

“Excessive Amounts of Partying” comes in third. One recalls Dean Wormer’s advice to Flounder in Animal House: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

We all have those online friends who always loves to take pictures of themselves. Some are models or fashion designers, some are just self-obsessed, some are unfortunately running for mayor of New York. warns strenuously against “An ungodly number of ‘selfies’.” (We were tempted to add an illustrative link, but thought better of it).

Rounding out the list is “Terrible Grammar.” We’re not so sure, but then again, we’re pros. In our experience, most bank officers couldn’t tell good grammar from a dyslexic’s list of passcodes. Maybe we’ve already entered the post-grammatical world (or re-entered — grammar before the mid-1800s was far from standardized).

Still you never know when an English Lit major is going to be your gatekeeper, so keep your Strunk & White handy.

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