8 Investment Banks That Are Hiring Now

The outlook for investment banking jobs might be improving, but probably not fast enough for your tastes. With that in mind, British-based web siteĀ eFinancialCareers.com has identified eight banks that are actively seeking the right people. They’re not looking in all geographies and they’re not looking for all skill, sets, but still, they’re looking:

  1. HSBC is recruiting in the United Kingdom, primarily in its equity capital markets and corporate brokering practices. They’ve hired some bigfoot executives to provide fresh leadership, and they might be the kind of stars you could hitch your wagon to.
  2. UBS is seeking financial services investment bankers throughout the Americas. Same story as with HSBC, really: the bank lured a top player away from an arch-rival and are now looking to rebuild his team. Technology savvy would be a plus for the right candidate.
  3. Rothschild is looking to build its mergers and acquisitions capabilities in the United States. If you’ve already applied to Barclays, chances are the guy you wanted to send your resume to has moved over to Rothschild.
  4. Jefferies is unique among big banks (yes, it is a big bank) in that it actually has more employees today than it had in 2006, and not just by a little. Headcount is up 70 percent in that time! At the moment, Jefferies is looking for high-yield specialists, event-driven traders, and consumer investment bankers. Openings are in London and Asia and perhaps elsewhere as well.
  5. Morgan Stanley is always looking for people who can sell securities — both equities and fixed income. Don’t focus on the constant drumbeat of layoffs from Morgan Stanley — it’s more of a skills rebalancing. There are plenty of jobs to be had there, particularly in London.
  6. J.P. Morgan is hiring people for its prime brokerage unit. It might not be your dream job, but it could take you to exotic locations in Asia, or set you up nicely in a fashionable section of London’s West End.
  7. Goldman Sachs executives doesn’t know what to do with all the foreign exchange it has. Maybe you can help them. They’re actually trying to maintain their forex market share in the face of broadening competition.
  8. Deutsche Bank might have an opening for you if you want to spend the next few years in the southern hemisphere. If you have knowledge and you’d be willing to transfer to South Africa, Australia, or Thailand, Deutsche might have an opportunity for you.

This is hardly an exhaustive list — either of the job opportunities at these firms or of all the investment banks that are hiring worldwide. It’s a truism that opportunity never just dries up — it just moves from one port to another, from one field to another. These are just the openings identified by one Web-based business journalist who had his eye on which high-profile bankers had been enticed away from their former employers by a sweeter deal across the street. Consider these links a place to get started.

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