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If you have a financial or business background and an interest in sales and marketing, you may be pleased to learn that you can combine these skills within the context of a job in an investment bank‘s marketing department.

While the deal makers and traders may get the lion’s share of the attention at investment banks, there’s a whole team of marketing professionals who play an important supporting role. These marketers design, develop and produce a variety of marketing materials and campaigns that build awareness of the bank’s brand, track record, star executives and reputation in the industry.

To begin with, marketers are responsible for developing the public-facing materials that every investment bank, large or small, needs to produce each year. This includes the firm’s website, brochures and annual report.

However, the larger and more successful investment banks take their marketing to a higher level. Many produce sophisticated events to build loyalty among their key clients and attract potential new business. The major investment banks design, coordinate and promote major industry-sector-specific conferences each year, inviting senior executives from the mining, pharmaceuticals, real estate, food, automotive and other industries to attend. There’s a substantial amount of PR activities and media relations efforts that go along with these events.

Mid-market and boutique banks often host private conferences at the country’s most exclusive golf resorts. These highly targeted events give senior bankers valuable time to spend face-to-face with important clients on the golf course or over dinner, beyond what they could hope to achieve during regular business hours.

The marketing team behind these events will include event planners, strategists, writers, and supervising marketing managers. They will augment the actual event with a variety of marketing materials, such as brochures, analysts’ reports, books and branded promotional items.

Next time, we’ll look at other activities and opportunities for marketing professionals within investment banking.

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