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Another key step in your investment banking job search will be to begin building a target list of potential employers, and gathering all the background information about them that you can.

In early 2009, the New York Times published a list of the top investment banking firms based on M&A deal volume, as researched by Dealogic. The top 10 were:

1.  Goldman Sachs & Co.
2.  J.P. Mogan & Co., Inc.
3.  Citigroup
4.  UBS
5.  Morgan Stanley
6.  Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
7.  Credit Suisse
8.  Deutsche Bank
9.  Barclays Capital
10.  Lazard

Of course, you’ll want to widen your search beyond this bulge bracket. Probably the most extensive list of investment banks resides at , where you also get direct links to the firms’ websites. Wikipedia categorizes banks into financial conglomerates (such as the above), independent investment banks, other capital markets firms, and even an amusing category called “former investment banks,” where you’ll find the storied names of well-known firms that have either closed their doors forever or been swallowed up by larger firms.

Hoovers is another source for corporate info. Check out their list of Middle-Market investment banking companies.

Next time, we’ll look at another important group of prospective employers to include on your investment banking job search list.

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