5 Ways to Exude Confidence in a Job Interview

Investment banking is a unique career. Even if you’re on the lowest rung of the ladder, you’re making what in any other field of endeavor would be considered a very nice living.  If you get laid off, you’re handed a severance package which proves that it pays better to be out of work on Wall Street than to have a job anywhere else.

If you even suspect you’re not worth the job, you’re done for. To land an investment banking job, you need to have more brass than a tuba factory.

Fortunately, experts have identified at least five steps to make the interviewer to show you the love you so obviously deserve.

  1. Sit up straight. An Ohio State University study suggests a link between good seated posture and believing that you’re qualified for the job. Findings published in the European Journal of Social Psychology showed that 71 students were much more confident in their capabilities as future professionals if they were reminded to sit up straight and stick their chests out while performing activities at computer terminals.
  2. Embrace the silence. According to Payscale.com contributor Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, don’t chatter nervously. You may feel like you’re filling an awkward silence, but your interviewer is more likely to just be pausing to sort out his or her thoughts before moving on to another topic.
  3. Don’t talk — converse. If you’re really confident, then you can roll with the moment. You don’t need to rehearse everything you’re going to say. Don’t put yourself in a position when you’re just letting the other person talk because it’s his or her turn. Be an active listener and responder. You shouldn’t be afraid of other perspectives, especially if they’re sanctioned by the corporate culture you’re looking to join.
  4. Care. There’s something to be said about being your authentic self – a person with honest emotions. That’s the one thing that there’s just no app for. Remember: You’re meeting with a hiring manager from the front office. Enthusiasm goes a long way, according to content marketing expert Sean Platt. “Be happy and excited, and allow the world to see it,” he says. “Your joy will be infectious, your confidence contagious.”
  5. Don’t be a name-dropper. This is a bit of a fine line, admittedly. After all, they’re going to ask for references so you’d better know somebody. Even so, you do need to back-pedal a little here. According to Grindstone.com contributor Lisa Marie Basile, a lot of it has to do with delivery. “Instead of saying, ‘I was totes bests with Sarah — your assistant director — in college,’ go for, ‘I had the pleasure of knowing Sarah, your assistant director, during college. I’ve learned a lot from her.'”

Both Platt’s and Basile’s articles provide even more sage advice about displaying confidence, whether you feel it or not. Follow their advice and likely you’ll feel even more confidence heading home from the interview than you did heading there in the first place.

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