Getting the Most From Your Investment Banking Network

It’s uncomfortable going back to the contacts on your network a second or third time if you haven’t yet landed a job. This discomfort prevents many investment banking job candidates from fully utilizing their network, according to a recent post in the Wall Street Journal blogs.

But if your job search is taking longer than you expected, you have to go back to them. The key to doing this successfully is threefold, says career expert John Crant of First, set expectations the first time you speak to anyone. Mention that you may call them again in the future. Lay the foundation for future calls.

Second, keep in mind that your call should be a two-way street. Sure you’re calling them to get a lead on a job or a way to get an interview at a firm. But what’s in it for them? What can you offer of value? Crant suggests doing a bit of digging and offering them some useful tidbit of information, an interesting or related article about their field or their company, or even some information that may be of personal interest.

Finally, never leave a message that you are “just following up” on a previous call. This just creates guilt in the person at the other end. Instead, if you have to leave a phone message, mention or hint at whatever it is that you have uncovered that may be of interest to them.

It’s vital to think of your network not as a one-time tool while you are hunting for a job. But as an ongoing resource that you will nurture throughout your career. After all, one day, you may be in a position to give them valuable contacts and information.

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DICKSON December 26, 2009 at 4:38 am

I have a question – this is related to me only or probably to anyone having the same experience. I am jobless now and on the lookout for a better one. I have one who is in a senior position, who can help me to get into a good company having various open positions. I tried to contact him but could not find him in a helping state of mind – I mean few follow ups did not result anything. What could be the reason? – is it because I have problems in my approach or what is that? How can I get my job done?

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