Networking for Investment Banking Jobs

The giant online job boards that sprang up a dozen years ago were revolutionary at the time, but may have outlived their usefulness. So says Jon Gray, a financial services veteran who’s profiled in the popular ongoing series Laid Off and Looking in the Wall Street Journal online.

Specialized online job boards may be a better bet. And better still, boost your personal networking. Re-connect with close friends and family over the holidays and early in the New Year and casually mention your investment banking job search.  Jon Gray notes that he’s “unobtrusively in job search mode” nearly every hour at these social gatherings.

Other useful sources for leads include mining social networks for all their worth, such as LinkedIn. Gray spent a fair amount of timing polishing his presence on LinkedIn, including taking special care to use relevant search keywords, uploading a friendly picture to seem more approachable, and using the plugin to make a PDF of his resume available to anyone who views his LinkedIn profile.

Coming from the software world, Gray has another tip: use “lead recycling.” Even when you come up short after a few rounds of contacting or interviewing with a prospective employer, set up an automated process of occasional updates about your career status. These should include a news article or a product idea that’s relevant to your contact’s business.

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Naumi January 9, 2010 at 6:24 am

Great post! I am on social networking sites but never had the idea of using them as a job seeker. I will be taking these tips to revise my profile on these sites and will share my experience here.

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