MBA Prospects are Picking Up in Investment Banking

Although some sectors, notably private equity and venture capital, are still lagging, the pace of graduate hiring of newly minted MBAs is picking up, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

However, grads-to-be can’t simply rely on the traditional on-campus recruiting push by companies. They now have to step up their individual networking and job search activities, much like their more experienced counterparts in the workplace, to land that elusive first investment banking job.  As one on-campus career services director puts it, this is “the year of the networked job search.”

And just having an informational interview or exchanging emails with alumni contacts isn’t enough, either. MBA students must focus their efforts and do deep research on a handful of companies they’d most like to work for.

There are hopeful signs on the horizon for investment banking. Many B-schools report that next year’s graduating class should do better in landing investment banking jobs. That’s because both investment banking and consulting firms have stepped up their internship programs this year. According to Michelle Antonio, director of career management at Wharton, this will have a big impact on the number of new MBAs getting full-time job offers before graduation next spring.

Are you a recent MBA grad? What has your experience been in the past two years? Add your comments below.

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ALVIN May 22, 2010 at 4:04 am

It’s believed that current year is going to be a good year for job seekers to be hired in good job in Financial Services. My experience says the more you are networked in the industry the better opportunities you will have in your hand.

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