A Silver Lining Amid the Clouds

Not all is gloomy on the investment banking jobs front. Goldman Sachs, one of the few global investment banks that managed to increase profits in 2007, is planning to hire 250 new analysts in 2009. There are vacancies in the bank’s investment banking and private equity divisions, according to a report by the Financial Times. Goldman Sachs has its headquarters in London but there are vacancies for graduates in the firm’s Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Paris and Moscow offices as well. Goldman Sachs has been among the top-rated investment banks for the past decade.

Another bright spot lies a little farther south in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Management consulting firm, McKinsey, reports that the UAE may offer the best economic prospects in the world for the next three years. McKinsey projects revenue pools for investment banking to rise between 16% to 25% per year, thanks in part to an unprecedented wave of investments in industrial and infrastructure projects in the region. It should come as no surprise that the UAE ranks as the number one target for expansion by financial services firms, according to Emirates Business24|7

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