More Investment Banking Jobs for Newly Minted MBAs

Overall employment rates may still be lagging. But there are signs the job market for new MBA grads is picking up steam, according to a story in the Financial Times.

Both recruiters and top b-schools report that many industry sectors have increased their “just-in-time” hiring for open positions.

New York University’s Stern School of Business reports that 80 percent of their graduate students found jobs last year within three months of graduation, and they expect that number to go up. At UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, the career services director puts their figure closer to 85 percent.

A survey conducted by the Graduate Management Association Council in mid-March indicates that 55 percent of companies plan to hire business school grads this year. That’s an increase of 5 percent over last year.

Perhaps more encouraging is the fact that ’09 grads aren’t competing for the same investment banking jobs as this year’s crop of MBAs, as much as people once thought they would. By now, many of them have found positions, leaving the field open for ’10 grads, says Pulin Sanghvi, director of career management at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

To help new grads, many business schools are reaching out to recruiters, hosting more alumni networking events and career fairs, and offering one-on-one counseling to students.

What about your firm? Are your plans to hire MBAs on the upswing? Add your comments below.

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Reyna June 26, 2010 at 5:10 am

Last year I hired 5 positions through job portals. Since things are looking up, we decided to go through campus route this year for our M&A space. Talked to few campus placement coordinators this week.

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