Candidates with Chutzpah Find Investment Banking Jobs

Candidates with Chutzpah find investment banking jobs, or any other job, for that matter, says Jeremy Hazlehurst in an article for CityAM online, London’s free daily business paper. There are plenty of opportunities, if you’re willing to put in that extra bit of effort.

Hazlehurst says if you are job-hunting, then you are likely to have plenty of interviews. The challenge is to separate yourself from the pack, especially if you are young, and lack experience. The answer: being passionate about what you want, what you have done, and finding creative ways to talk about it.

He suggests writing “vignettes” about what you’ve done and practicing these stories. If you’ve run something, whether it’s a small business, a magazine or a theater group, write down the story and tell people. Interviewers don’t expect you to have all the skills needed for a new job. But they are looking for someone with passion, energy and chutzpah, who knows how to make things happen. That energy often translates into an ability to learn new skills quickly.

And once you land a position, even if it’s only a temporary low-paying job or internship, don’t spend time moaning about the pay, he says. This is your moment to over-deliver. Do more than what you’ve been employed to do, without drawing too much attention and seeming to be self-aggrandizing. The right people will notice.

What’s you’re #1 tip for a younger person looking to break into investment banking today? Add your comments below.

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