Coping With a Bad Investment Banking Job Interviewer

It’s hard enough doing the research, networking and follow-up to land an investment banking job interview. What happens if you find yourself seated across from a deliberately difficult interrogator?

The folks at Bradley CVs Ltd. in the UK offered a few suggestions recently. They identified three challenging scenarios and what to do about them:

The Intimidator. This is someone who will deliberately try to rattle you, to see how you react under pressure. The Intimidator thinks his approach will uncover the “real” you, rather than some rehearsed performance.

The trick to dealing with the Intimidator, says Bradley’s, is to regulate your breathing, repeat questions to give yourself more time, then answer politely and patiently. Whatever tricks the Intimidator tries, don’t take it personally.

Then there’s the Talker. This is someone who doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise. He or she will provide too much information on a question, and seem to use up valuable interview time with their own opinions. The solution: do not interrupt them. But have your material and answers well-prepared, and lean forward in your seat to show that you are ready to speak. Start talking the instant they pause for a breath.

Then there’s the opposite problem: the Quiet Interviewer. Even when you ask questions, you get very little back from this person in terms of useful information. Here again, you have to be patient, not show your frustration, and have lots of questions prepared in advance. You may have to bite the bullet and try to get an interview and more information from someone else in the company.

What’s your worst experience you’ve ever had in a job interview? What sort of ploy did the interviewer pull? Add your comments below.

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