Who is Hiring for Investment Banking Jobs in 2011

Across the pond, the London website Here Is The City posted a list of which firms they expect will be beefing up their investment banking job payrolls in 2011, especially if economic developments keep improving. Among the international and North American firms that look promising:

– Citigroup tops the list. After a few years of trimming staff, the firm may start to cautiously hire in 2011.

– Royal Bank of Canada, which through conservative management has emerged from the financial crisis with a strong balance sheet and asset base. RBC has already begun to increase its headcount in 2010.

– Deutsche Bank. The German giant will continue to staff up and is mentioned for being patient before expecting a return on its investment in talent.

– Nomura is listed for wanting to establish a bigger footprint in the U.S. That, together with the influence of ex-Lehman executives, could push hiring higher.

– JPMorgan is expected to continue hiring judiciously, while not necessarily paying top dollar.

– HSBC Investment Bank, which is predicted to beef up its operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

You can see the complete list of 26 firms, including those who are not likely to be hiring, at Here Is The City.

Meanwhile, back here on Wall Street, the New York Post reports that firms are “tripping over” one another to fill critical shortages of skilled financial workers. The Post predicts a 10,000-person jump in employment from February of 2010 to the end of this year.

The hottest sectors include capital markets, investment banking jobs, compliance officers, fixed income, back office operations and wealth management. Demand for MBAs has grown as well.

There’s a cautious optimism on the Street, according to Danny Sarch, a financial services headhunter, who’s quoted in the article. “When the industry gets more confidence, like now, that revenues will be more consistent, and the markets are good, that encourages firms to hire more people.”

How about you? Are you seeing an uptick in hiring at your firm? Or more opportunities available, if you are looking for investment banking jobs? Add your comments below.

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