Differentiating Your Investment Banking Job Resume

We’ve talked about how important it is to add a personal touch to your investment banking job resume to demonstrate your best qualities. But one enterprising young woman has raised the bar with her approach. Instead of the usual ho-hum CV and cover letter, she prepared an 11-slide PowerPoint presentation on “9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire Me As Your Investment Banking Analyst” for her “dream” investment banking job of working for Citi Group.

According to Dealbreaker, she opens with a short preamble, “I’m here to apply for an Investment Banking Analyst position in Citi, my dream job in dream company. I’m graduating business school in Dec 2010, so I can start work in January 2011. My cover letter and resume are attached and I will appreciate it very much if you could do me the favor to talk a look or forward them to other hiring managers.”

Her presentation plays off the “Never Sleeps” Citi theme, and she lists 9 simple, succinct reasons why she is Persistent, Passionate, Analytical, Smart, Responsible, Communicative, a Multi-Tasker, Detail-Oriented, and Team Player. And, we might add, she backs up each of these claims with one or two very specific examples to prove her assertions, rather than simply making vague, general claims.

Dealbreaker doesn’t reveal her name but she has reportedly been invited in for an interview at Citi, as well as at another bank. So as a technique for accomplishing your first goal, getting a foot in the door, it appears to be fairly effective. We might have suggested she include clear contact information and a call to action on the last slide, but that apparently didn’t prevent the firm from getting in touch with her.

You can see the full presentation at Dealbreaker. In the meantime, whether you’re hunting for an investment banking job, or sit on the other side of the desk interviewing candidates, what are some unusual door-opening maneuvers that you’ve seen? Add your comments below.

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