MBA Students Adjust Their Investment Banking Job Plans

There are still plenty of opportunities in finance but MBA students, even at the top universities, may have to review their options and perhaps look at smaller firms in different sectors, according to report in the Boston Globe.

Students are starting to accept the reality that the era of giant investment banks has come to a crashing close. Prospective investment bankers at top-rated schools are now bracing for a longer, wider job search, or are branching out into asset management or private equity. While the opportunities for investment banking jobs on Wall Street will be very limited for this year’s crop of MBA grads, there are some other positives signs, according to Roxanne Hori, assistant dean and director of career management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. According to her, boutique firms and mid-size organizations are already recruiting, and so are consulting firms.

Other experts advise that the way to get into investment banking and private equity now is to target a particular sector that interests you, such as entertainment or healthcare, tailor your MBA coursework to that sector, and then approach smaller firms that are still hiring.

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