Can a Foreign MBA Help Your Investment Banking Job Prospects?

Why would a vice-president at BMO Capital Markets leave his comfortable investment banking job in Britain to pursue an MBA overseas? Well, it turns out, for a number of reasons.

Adam Janikowski was betting on the trend toward increased globalization when he signed up to pursue his MBA at INSEAD, in France, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools. In a guest article for the Globe and Mail, Janikowski says he realized how working with other countries and cultures will be a key factor in coming decades, particularly in his specialty, the global petroleum industry.

Rather than apply to well-respected North American schools such as Stanford, Harvard, he looked into top-tier European Schools, such as IMD, INSEAD, and London Business School to find a school that would prepare him for this global future.

Among the many benefits that Janikowski mentions for studying overseas, include:

1) Exposure to new people and idea. The ability to work with other cultures will be a defining strength of business leaders in the future.

2) Forced exposure to learning another language. Immersing yourself in another culture forces you to become fluent. Janikowski has even started on his third language, Spanish.

3) Opportunity value. INSEAD takes a traditional two-year MBA program and compresses it into an intense one-year format. This appeal to Janikowski given that he had given up full-time employment, and income, to pursue his MBA.

4) Other international opportunities. INSEAD has a campus located in Singapore, giving students and graduates the opportunity to study in Asia and learn more about a region that will only be growing in importance over the next few decades.

He’s still in the early stages of his program, but Janikowski says that so far, INSEAD has lived up to his expectations. He has met a unique group of people from around the world who are all eager to learn from each other, and undoubtedly make international contacts that will serve them well in their investment banking careers.

What about you? Have you ever considered studying or working overseas? Add your comments below.

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