An Infomercial for Your Next Investment Banking Job?

Many investment banking job candidates still take a passive approach to their job search, sending out dozens of resumes and waiting for the phone to ring.

But you can turn the tables and take a more proactive approach says recruiter and consultant Jim Beqaj, in a new book entitled, “How to Hire the Perfect Employer: Finding the Job and Career That Fit You Through a Powerful Personal Infomercial.”

“If you ask a person ‘What are you good at?” many have a hard time answering,” says Beqaj. “You have to understand what you’re good at, what you love to do, and present yourself in a clear and persuasive manner,” Beqaj told

His process begins with conducting an in-depth assessment of what you’re good at, passionate about, and the kind of work that fits your personality. Next, you need to find companies in your “Target Rich Environment,” which are firms with a philosophy similar to yours, including vision, culture, and conflict resolution style.

So far, it’s not that much different from what you’ve probably heard before. But Beqaj introduces to the concept of creating “your own infomercial” as a way of perfecting your pitch. One that truly reflects who you are as a person.

Infomercials have a cheesy reputation. But they also have to capture peoples’ attention in seconds and hold it for up to a minute or two. And then lead people from the “I’m interested” to the “I want this” stage. So Beqaj feels it is a good model for structuring your personal pitch. Namely, to write it out like an infomercial script and then revise it, over and over again, until you can deliver it naturally and spontaneously. Once it’s ingrained in your mind, practice it on several people he says.

“When I hired people, resumes were simply something that gave basic facts,” Beqaj said. “I wanted people who inspired me by honestly revealing themselves.”

You can get more information about Beqaj’s book at his website:

What’s your opinion? Did you develop a 30-60 second infomercial for your investment banking job search? What model or resources helped you? Add your comments below.

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