Using LinkedIn to Find an Investment Banking Job

As you know, LinkedIn is the preferred social network for professionals looking to connect with jobs, new hires or business opportunities. In fact, one survey found that 86% of companies that use social networks to recruit talent use LinkedIn, according to an article by Melanie Pinola for

No doubt you’ve already established a presence on LinkedIn. But Pinola goes a step farther with tips on how to improve your “hireability” for an investment banking job or any other.¬†She includes a number of hidden tricks to using LinkedIn you may not know about.

For instance, how to tweak your profile to make it more enticing and search engine friendly. Your profile page is your “personal brand” says Pinola. It’s important to use specific keywords that show up most often when someone is searching for a person in your specific industry or sector. Pinola also recommends paying closer attention to your professional headline. That’s the short bit of text that appears right under your name. Be sure to include keywords that appear often in the type of job you’re searching for. For example: Investment Banking Analyst.

In the Specialties section in LinkedIn, you can write a longer summary that includes your key strengths and job focus or objective. LinkedIn has also added new sections that give you the opportunity to add certifications, courses taken, organizations, languages and more to enhance your online profile.

Pinola suggests paying particular attention to the Skills section, since headhunters and others looking to hire will be searching for specific skill sets, and these keywords can improve your searchability.

LinkedIn also enables you to pull interesting information into your LinkedIn pages automatically, without having to type it in, using various applications. Plug-in applications let you pull in things like your Twitter tweets. You can specific only the Tweets tagged with the hastag “in” to filter out non-professional Tweets. Social network or blog posts can showcase more of your personality or expertise, and help you stand out from other candidates, Pinola says.

LinkedIn’s available plug-ins can automatically post videos, a portfolio of documents or charts, your WordPress blog posts, white papers, SlideShare presentations, and more.

Of course the real power of LinkedIn is joining and participating in groups, to boost your presence on the Web and get noticed. LinkedIn groups can be a great way to connect to professionals you would never reach otherwise, and even uncover leads for potential jobs.

The key is to follow group discussion topics closely and write well thought-out comments or replies when you can. Plus, says Pinola, it’s easier to ask fellow group members to add you to their network by mentioning that you have a group membership in common.

Finally, Pinola suggests you follow the companies on LinkedIn that you are most interested in working for. You’ll see who’s coming and going at the company, discover people to follow, and uncover opportunities to connect with them.

Are you using LinkedIn as part of your investment banking job search? Are you finding it valuable? Add your comments below.

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