Investment Banking Job Tips from Warren Buffet

When Warren Buffet is looking for a top investment professional, he looks for three distinct qualities. How well do you stack up against these three criteria, and communicate these qualities in your quest for an investment banking job?

The three criteria are intelligence, energy, and integrity, according to a recent story from CBSnews. Buffet says a leader having only 2 out of 3 of them can kill a business, or, as one might surmise, dampen your chances of landing that job.

High intelligence and high energy but without high integrity basically means you have a “smart, fast-moving thief.” Low energy but high intelligence and integrity means you have a “shop keeper,” not someone who is going to drive growth. And low intelligence but high energy and integrity means you have someone who will follow the rules, but not be great in the problem solving or vision department.

How well are you expressing these qualities in your job hunting materials? The article is written for the recruiter or person on the other side of the desk. But you could just as easily translate them for yourself. How well are you communicating your energy level? What sports or physical regimens do you have? Do you work out? Run? Practice a martial art or meditate? You need to demonstrate your capacity for hard work and endurance.

As for mental acuity, expect to be put through the ringer, taking various tests from games like “Connect Four” to making a presentation solving a financial or business problem. Shrewd interviewers may also ask you to give the same presentation over again, in half the time or cutting it down to one minute, to show your ability to think on your feet.

Demonstrating your integrity may be a trickier issue. They will likely perform a thorough background check on you. However, think of what you can do in terms of awards or service citations that indicate your strength of character.

Are you covering all these bases in your job-hunting efforts? How are you addressing the integrity issue? Add your comments below.

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