Financial Jobs Exist in Almost Every Industry

There are financial jobs out there, and it pays to know what type of skills are required. That’s the news from Investopedia, which recently published a concise summary of the career options available, along with which sectors have the greatest need for new financial professionals. The article covers everything from corporate finance to commercial banking, investment banking to hedge funds and private equity.

The experts at Investopedia also suggest that you use both online and offline sources for your job search. But with online sources, it’s best to use job boards that are more highly specialized in the particular industry niche you’re targeting, rather than the giant generic job boards which may be jammed with positions that are not related to your particular area. As for offline approaches, cultivate relationships with executive recruiters, and be ready to attend industry conferences and other niche-related networking events. Develop a systematic yet personal way of following up with the key people you meet, such as a handwritten note or sending an article that the person may be interested in. Investopedia has many other articles and resources for assisting with your search.

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