Landing your First Investment Banking Job – Part 3

This final article on finding your first investment banking job concentrates on the interview and your resume. Remember, although a resume won’t get you the job, it can get your foot in the door for an interview.

Prepare a solid resume
Your resume will play an important role in you earning an interview. You need to create a sharp resume, conveying that you are a good fit for an investment banking job and can hit the ground running. Investment banks have tight requirements and seek well-educated candidates from top business schools who are willing to work long hours and sometimes seven days a week. Make sure your resume is not a generic one, but is focused on the investment banking industry. Position your resume to highlight everything related to banking. If you have no direct work experience, you could highlight the success achieved in your own investment portfolio.

Ace the interview
Some things never change and that includes the basic rules for the face-to-face interview. The first impression is set when you arrive; be professional, arrive early and dress for success.

Be concise in your answers. Don’t ramble on and waste the interviewer’s time. Be sure to discuss experiences where you have burned the midnight oil and made personal sacrifices to meet a deadline. The duties of a junior investment banker include checking a lot of numbers and ensuring that no mistakes are there. So, convey to the interviewer that you have an eye for detail and that you understand the importance to cross checking data. What will help immensely is if you prepare your answers to the most frequently asked investment banking job interview questions.

Landing your first investment banking job is challenging; if you get an offer, you definitely earned it. If you diligently prepare the interview, you increase the probability of landing an offer. By getting to know the players, building relationships and properly preparing for the interview, you could be on your way to a lucrative job on Wall Street.

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