Getting Creative in Hunting for Investment Banking Jobs

Desperate times call for desperate measures, with job applicants resorting to many creative ways to land at least an interview with a prospective employer. From an article in Forbes comes the tale of investment banker Joshua Persky. After losing his IB job at Houlihan Lokey, Persky spent 11 months pounding the pavement, taking all the conventional approaches – sending out resumes, networking, etc.

Finally, about to lose his Manhattan apartment, Persky donned his best suit and handed out resumes in person on Park Avenue, while wearing a sandwich board sign that read, “Experienced MIT grad for hire.” The press picked up the story as another example of the economic crisis, and his extreme approach paid off when he was hired by the New York accounting firm of Weiser LLP.

Another extreme job hunting technique included an unemployed real estate salesman who carried a sign outside Chicago’s Mercantile Exchange that read, “Will Buy Interview” along with the name of his website. It attracted over 1,000 hits and four job offers.

The danger, of course, is that many employers will view these kind of approaches as gimmicky or unprofessional. Instead, experts recommend sticking with a more conventional approach and plenty of persistence. Along using targeted sources that research the job openings out there and provides only the most promising opportunities for your qualifications.

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