Laughing All the Way to the Investment Bank

Finding a job in investment banking right now is no laughing matter. But apparently ABC TV thinks it is, and is trying to build on the angst of the current financial crisis by creating two pilot comedy shows about out-of-work investment bankers.

The first, called Pryors, reportedly includes former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer as a Wall Street exec who has been downsized and forced to spend more time with a family he barely knew during his heady days of deal making. The other pilot, called Canned, is built around a Gen X group of friends who all lost their investment banking jobs on the same day of the downturn, according to an article in the Globe and Mail.

One episode heaps particular scorn on the excesses of Starbucks and its Clover ultra high-end stainless steel coffee machine that was selling for $8,000 just before things went south among the well-healed Wall Street crowd. 

Investment bankers and brokers have long been known to circulate some of the wickedest humor on Wall Street. Let’s hope the new show’s writers manage to tap into that talent as well.

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