The Finance Jobs MBAs Want Now

An MBA from a big-name university used to be the ticket to a Wall Street investment banking job and a six-figure salary. That path is a bit bumpier now with the demise of many Wall Street giants. So this spring’s fresh crop of MBA grads are setting their sights on other opportunities in finance, according to the Boston Globe.

Some are shifting their job-hunting activities to consulting firms, or focusing on emerging high-growth fields such as energy and clean tech, boutique investment banking firms or exploring jobs in private equity

The recent meltdown has prompted some students to re-examine their overall values, as well. Instead of making a beeline to a big pay package, as before, many are thinking of how and where their skills and talent can make an impact on society. The migration to clean energy and new green ventures, for example, is supported by an idealistic desire in some students to help the country wean itself from a dependence on foreign energy. In addition, many believe energy may be the next frontier that will fuel a future economic boom in the U.S., much like the financial sector did for the past 10 years.

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