About Investment Banking Jobs Digest

Since 2002, Job Search Digest has helped investment professionals be more effective with their job search. Every day our team researches all the online job boards (including the specialty niche sites) and captures all the relevant Investment Banking jobs — giving you a competitive advantage in your career search.

Job Search Digest is a subscription service that provides candidates with a targeted database of jobs in niche industries. We report on job leads scattered across a vast array of web sites by employing professional researchers and specialized tools to find opportunities that typical job search techniques miss. We also deliver industry niche resources to ensure that our subscribers get plugged in to the people and organizations that they need to be successful in their search.

Why should I subscribe?

What is your time worth? Our members are busy professionals who do not have time to surf the web for hours each day trying to determine what are the best opportunities in their particular niche. Our research team does that work for you and filters out the jobs that are not truly for industry professionals. And, you get a daily summary of all the new jobs each weekday sent right to your inbox.

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